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 Kathleen Edwards aka "Vicious Vixen" (not done)

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Kathleen Edwards aka "Vicious Vixen"  (not done) Empty
PostSubject: Kathleen Edwards aka "Vicious Vixen" (not done)   Kathleen Edwards aka "Vicious Vixen"  (not done) I_icon_minitimeTue May 27, 2014 1:16 pm

Name: Kathleen Edwards
Aliases: Vicious Vixen

Age: 20
Birthplace: London, England
Current Residence: New York America (but she travels)
Occupation: she works for Abstergo, but doesn't know about the Templars or Assassins yet
Race: Caucasian, English, Gaelic, and Celtic
Ancestors of note: she has no ancestors that were Templars or Assassins(that she knows of)

Weapons: none for now (but she will excel at poison, throwing knifes and hidden blade and dagger technique)


Birthday: She doesn't know the exact date but she knows that it was sometime in December 1943 (in actuality her birthday is December 5th, 1943
Blood type: O+
Hobbies: riding her motorcycle, getting into fights and acting tough
Quirks: she is kind of crazy and certain things set her off and make her flip out
Family: Orphan
languages spoken: English, Gaelic, and Celtic


Hair: She has red hair going down to her shoulders. It is very curly, and wild and hard for her to keep under control. (to give her that wild sexy look you know)
Eyes: (You know the drill. Size, and color. Shape is optional, but be realistic)
Height: 6 feet exactly
Clothes: (She wears a black leather jacket and a yellow kung-fu shirt. The sleeves of the shirt are decorated with dragons. etc.)
Body Type: (How is your character built? Is he well built? A John Cena look alike? A skinny wimp?)
defining feature:(scars tats piercing ect)
Image: (Optional)


Personality: She can be nice if you prove yourself to her and she trusts you but she is really mean sometimes, she is quick to judge people and bases people off of assumptions, stereotypes,and stigmas. She can get very competitive and tough. She can be very tricky and loves to get around or bend the rules to get what she wants. She is a smart and determined person, she knows what she wants and she goes and gets it. She is kind of arrogant, and looks down on people for doing stupid things or acting childish.

Personal Strengths: (At least 1-5; not too many)
Personal Weaknesses: (2-5. Weaknesses create interesting characters. Not many people want to put a lot, but put 2-5)
Personal Hero: Amunet, Iltani, Darius, Leonius, Qulan Gal, and Wei Yu.(in that order)
Dreams and Ambitions: (Does your character have a life goal or a dream?)

Likes: (About 5)

Dislikes: (Again, about 5)

Brief History: (2 paragraph minimum.)
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Kathleen Edwards aka "Vicious Vixen" (not done)
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