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PostSubject: personalities   Fri May 23, 2014 5:07 am


your first bits of equipment is the weapons you asked for when making your character. once your cca has been approved an admin will add them to your character info. in order to get more you must purchase weapons or be gifted one by a mentor. a few players will be given the right to make new weapons. you may purchase or be given items from them. a list is below. 


Your character needs to know how to find her ways in different sorts environments. For that reason, she owns three types of outfits which, apart from looks, differ in the character’s abilities. Each of the personas has different methods of avoiding notoriety, abilities to move around, combat capabilities or even the special missions that come with each individual outfit.

you may name and design 3 personalities (4 if you are an assassin) however to alter a personality you must contact an admin. personalities are made by combining different clothes to accieve different effects. each personality has perks that you decide and drawbacks that are assigned by admins. each personality also has access to a different array of weapons to be determined by you and an admin


 once you have personalities and equipment you can put together a up to 3 sets composed of one personality and some equipment.

you may not start building sets until the items are added to your equipment and your personalities are made. these are what you change into to complete different objectives. you must talk with an admin to set this up. we cant have you playing three different personalities with exactly the same equipment.
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