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 character creation rules

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PostSubject: character creation rules   character creation rules I_icon_minitimeSun May 18, 2014 6:58 am

these are the rule for creatingbcharacters on this site.

 NO IMMORTALS! immortals are hard to work with. they know things that shouldn't be public knowledge. they are also notoriously hard to kill, so having an immortal is kinda OP in a game about assassinating people. this includes reincarnation.

just because you put in a bleed effect doesn't mean you get it. this also means that your character can be approved but the bleed effects might not. there are currently 2 ways to get a bleed effect: naturally (presents itself as multiple personality) and animus and animus-like devices. 

not everyone can be born into the Brotherhood or the templars. we may ask for how you became who you are if the ''scales'' are unbalanced.

not all weapons will be approved. you may make a weapon too powerful. you may make a weapon that already exists. you may make a weapon that your character cannot wield yet.  we reserve the right to deny any weapon. If you have a weapon previous to joining the group please explain how and why you have it. This does not guarantee you will have said weapon.
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character creation rules
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